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Back Facial

Great for eliminating acne blemishes and removing blackheads as well as discolorations.  Includes exfoliation, extractions, and special  healing mask. Additional peeling treatments, light therapy, or other modalities may be needed to achieve desired results and will an additional charge


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Body CorrectionIleana Moreno
Body Contouring

Body pads stimulate passive muscle contractions, enabling you to have a total body workout without even breaking a sweat. A typical 20 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups! It targets and tons all areas of the body- abs, buttocks, thighs, and arms. Great for helping you achieve those perfect abs that you just can’t seem to get from your workout or diet alone and for post-pregnancy to tighten week muscles and flabby skin.

Get that perky, bikini ready, butt you have been after! Treatment also works on cellulite.

25 minutes | $79
Series of 6 | $__

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