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4 D Ultra High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU has become one of the most sought after, non-surgical treatments for the face, neck and chest because it helps achieve tight, firmer, lifted skin in just one or two treatments with results lasting around 12-18 months,

Entirely non-invasive, HIFU works by targeting deep structural layers in the skin by boosting collagen regeneration right at the source. HIFU directly delivers heat energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissues that stimulate and renew the skin’s collagen thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. Great for flaccid face and body issues like brows, cheeks, neck and jowls.

4 D HIFU is the most effective method currently available for the renewal of collagen.


Full Face & Neck $2000.00

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Micro Current Natural Facelift

Often referred to as a "Natural Facelift" - this painless, mild, electrical current stimulates skin and facial muscles reducing puffiness, increasing cellular activity, creating more collagen and elastin, tightening pores and defining contours. Professional level, micro-current treatment results are nothing less than miraculous and if used in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments, products, the benefits  are greatly enhanced, offering take-ten-years off outcome.  You can have healthier, younger looking skin, no matter what your age. You will see visible results with just one treatment as well as cumulative results.  So after a series of sessions, the improvements are many and longer lasting.  For sustained results, the recommended course of treatment is a series of 10 or more within the first 6 weeks, followed by a maintenance schedule.  

*Contraindicated for women who are pregnant, going through chemotherapy or if you have had botox or fillers within 2 weeks of scheduled appointment.

45 minutes | $200
Series of 10 | $1800

Add Ons (during time of facial): 
+ Body Contouring Treatment 25 minutes | $55 + + Dermaplaning or LED $75

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Life Enhancing Cure

Whether you need to get camera ready or have been neglecting your skin and are beginning to see the tell-tale signs like dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dull, sagging, lack  luster skin - this is the reviving, bring you back from the dead, facial of choice.  Advance level, natural actives, face lifting and healing technologies produce immediate results without any invasive or harsh chemicals.  This restorative, rejuvenating treatment, uses micro-current and LED light therapy combined with organic, stem cell infusions, healing pressure point massage, boosting your energy and circulation to an all time high, all while promoting immense relaxation and a sense of well being.  The anti-dote to stressed-out skin and mind.   The results are dramatic and life enhancing! Good for all skin types and conditions.

90 minutes | $250

Add Ons:
+ Dermaplaning  20 minutes |  $50

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Dermaplaning is the latest development in advanced level peeling and exfoliation. This treatment employs a leveling blade that is an effective means of exfoliation in order to remove a layer of dead skin cells and fine facial hair dramatically improving the skin’s texture, tone and appearance. It is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained specialist. Ileana is a certified DERMAPLANE  PRO professional as well as an educator and certifier.  Dermaplaining is a great alternative for people who cannot tolerate chemical options for exfoliation, for all skin types and colors, will not aggravate broken capillaries.  It is not suitable for active acne but can prevent breakouts as oils and dirt can no longer attach to hair and dead skin.   Post Dermaplaning, active ingredients penetrate deeper, giving maximum results during the facial as well as well as at home with your skin care.  Unlike waxing, can be performed on clients using retinols and now makeup glides on evenly for a more flawless look.

Customized Facial with Added Actives:
60 minutes | $200
Series of 6 | $1000

A La Carte:
30 minutes | $100

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Restoration Peel

This remarkable peel stimulates collagen and elastin production and cell turnover to visibly reduce signs of aging and pigmentation. Produces powerful results that may include mild to moderate flaking, depending on skin condition. This is the new generation of non-wounding, deep peels, that dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging.

Great for sun damage, pre-mature, aging skin conditions and hyper-pigmentation. Also great before beginning a series of micro-current treatments and every change of season to reverse the signs of aging and preventive care maintenance. 

30 minutes | $300
Series 3 | $750

Add Ons:
+ Pre-Peel Degreaser for Deeper Penetration | $50

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Oxygenated Aqua Peel

Description:  Hydrogen rich water penetrates deep into the pores, removing free radicals, and boosting anti-oxidant activity, prevents pre-mature aging, inflammation and other skin conditions.  Great for clogged pores, acne, blackheads, dead skin build up, dry skin, oily skin and uneven skin tone. Hydra-facial on steroids!

55 minutes | $200
Series of 6 | $1,000

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Total Restoration

This facial was curated by Ileana for the total restoration of damaged or pre-mature, aging skin. Excellent If you are suffering from various skin issues like hyperpigmentation/sun damage, melasma, deep wrinkles, scar tissue, acne marks and need intense correction. In this facial treatment we begin with epidermal leveling to remove layers of dead skin without any chemicals and then micro-channeling is used with actives (clinical strength ingredients are selected based on condition) to remodel the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels to increase the formation of new tissue  and activating the body's wound healing cascade (hemostasis-inflammationn-proliferation-tissue remodeling).  It is further customized with active concentrates of biotechnological ingredients, precisely formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin layers and calibrated with micro-current, promoting immense collagen and elastin production, skin renewal and vitality.  

90 minutes | $350

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Custom Nano Infusion

This resurfacing, regenerative treatment repairs and tightens the skin using a nano technology that utilizes a device with tiny microscopic sized silicon chips upon the outermost layers of the skin. The skin’s appearance is immediately improved with no downtime and cumulative results are gained over time.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Fine lines and signs of pre-mature aging

  • Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Flaccid skin- sagging

$200-250+ with customized solutions

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Custom Micro Infusion

This micro-channeling treatment is a step up from traditional micro-needling procedures. It covers a larger treatment area and delivers customized healing solutions deeper into the dermis (600-micron depth), allowing them to be absorbed more effectively. Many patients choose to use this micro-needling system on their face, neck, or chest.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Shrinks pores

  • Smooth skin with dermal micro-hyaluronic gels

  • Improve superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gel and growth serums

  • Enhance laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors

  • Brighten skin with micro-pigment reducers

  • Painless procedure with minimal potential short term redness

Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied and then a customized solution or serum is inserted into the delivery device. The customized micro-channeling device is applied to the treatment area an the tiny needles penetrate the skin, delivering the customized solution painlessly without any bleeding. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes and involves no downtime recovery, although some patients may see redness and slight swelling for a few days at the treatment site.

Results are seen within 3-7 days after treatment and typically last approximately 3-4 months. Procedure can be done as often as every 1-3 months; doing several treatments throughout the year will continue to improve overall appearance of skin.

This does NOT replace normal botox or filler treatment! It will NOT get rid of deep line areas such as the forehead, glabella, nasolabial folds, or marionette lines. It can be combined with a botox or filler to enhance results.

30 minutes | $500+ depending on solutions and area

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Omega Dual LED

Omega Light Dual + IPL is a dual photo-therapy using LED and IPL combined. Results are immediate and very dramatic compared to regular LED systems as well as two different colors can be used simultaneously during a 20 minute treatment time. Great alone or added to any facial to enhance results. 


- Wavelength 640nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 1-6mm
- Regeneration of skin cell
- Wound healing
- Increase collagen production
- Restore cell function


- Wavelength 423nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 1mm
- Destroy p-acne bacteriaSuppression of sebaceous gland
- Prevention of wond
- Minimize redness and irritation

Wavelength 583nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 1-2mm
- Regulate melanin production
- Reduce pigmentation
- Reduce redness

- Wavelength 532nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 0.5-2mm
- Activate toxin elimination
- Stimulate lymphocyte production
- Improve decongestion

20 minutes | $75

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