Omega Dual LED

Omega Light Dual + IPL is a dual photo-therapy using LED and IPL combined. Results are immediate and very dramatic compared to regular LED systems as well as two different colors can be used simultaneously during a 20 minute treatment time. Great alone or added to any facial to enhance results. 


- Wavelength 640nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 1-6mm
- Regeneration of skin cell
- Wound healing
- Increase collagen production
- Restore cell function


- Wavelength 423nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 1mm
- Destroy p-acne bacteriaSuppression of sebaceous gland
- Prevention of wond
- Minimize redness and irritation

Wavelength 583nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 1-2mm
- Regulate melanin production
- Reduce pigmentation
- Reduce redness

- Wavelength 532nm
- Depth of Skin Penetration 0.5-2mm
- Activate toxin elimination
- Stimulate lymphocyte production
- Improve decongestion

20 minutes | $75