Total Restoration

This facial was curated by Ileana for the total restoration of damaged or pre-mature, aging skin. Excellent If you are suffering from various skin issues like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma, deep wrinkles, scar tissue, acne marks and need intense correction. In this facial treatment we begin with epidermal leveling to remove layers of dead skin, without any chemicals and then a nano infusion is performed with actives (clinical strength ingredients are selected based on condition) to remodel the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels to increase the formation of new tissue and activating the body's wound healing cascade (hemostasis-inflammationn-proliferation-tissue remodeling).  It is further customized with active concentrates of biotechnological ingredients, precisely formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin layers and calibrated with LED light therapy, promoting immense collagen and elastin production, skin renewal and vitality.  

90 minutes | $350