Nonative Shampoo

Nonative Shampoo


Clean scalp while taking care of the skin. 
A shampoo that leads to a scalp environment that nurtures beautiful hair.

Contains natural cleaning ingredients with a selective cleansing property that removes persistent oil stains on the scalp while keeping the scalp clean and the hair smooth and comfortable. The cause of the scalp odor is washed away, and a disturbed scalp environment is prepared.

500mL capacity

How to use
After thoroughly rinsing the scalp and hair, apply an appropriate amount to the entire scalp and hair, and then gently wash it to massage the scalp after lathering well. 
Then rinse thoroughly.

Representative ingredient
Cocoyl Methyl Taurine Na [Cleaning ingredient] 
Polyquaternium-61 [Moisturizing ingredient] 
Pecan shell extract [Skin conditioning ingredient] 
Glycyrrhizic acid 2K [Skin conditioning ingredient] 
Panax ginseng root extract [Skin conditioning ingredient]

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